Monday, March 5, 2018

Oregon Jetty Fishing

Ever since my first trip to the coast to fish off the rocks, I have considered it to be one of the most fun and exciting fishing trips you can take in Oregon.

Aside from mesmerizing views and insane action, Rock fish taste phenomenal for a white meat fish. 

Above you will see a Kelp Greenline and Cabezon. These are some common species found around jetties. Catching them can be quite easy and fast!

How do I catch them?

I use the "fish finder rig" with a size 2 hook. Usually a 1-2oz weight works best. As far as baits go, I like using live sandshrimp or Berkley Sandworms. Other popular baits include raw shrimp, clams, cut baits, worms, small crabs, ghost shrimp. I find plastic baits stay on a lot better and are equally as effective as live baits are.

Make sure to cast no more than 25' of the rocks. Beyond that is just sand and very little fish. They are all in close, hiding in the rocks to ambush any food that happens to drift by.

PRO TIP: Use a piece of 8lb mono to attach your weight to your swivel. This way, if it gets snagged, the light line will break off, saving the rest of your rig.

There are lots of jetties to fish in Oregon! Some of the most popular ones are located in Newport, Barview, Astoria and Winchester Bay. 

Live by the tide

Whenever choosing a time to head to the jetty, plan your trip to fish the INCOMING tide. This is when the water is rising, and salt water is being pulled into the bays. This is the BEST TIME to be fishing in the ocean.

Use this link to check the Oregon Tides and fish just a few hours before high tide. 

Barview Jetty on a sunny day is an anglers paradise. Catching 5-10 rockfish a day is not uncommon, and when the weather warm and the sea is calm, this could be the perfect place to spend a weekend.

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