Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Summer Chinook near Portland Oregon

As air temperatures rise and water levels begin to drop, the water of the Columbia River begin to turn a certain shade of green from the glacial runoff. Local anglers know this as summer time! A prime time of the year to catch a variety of species, including Shad, Salmon and Steelhead. Today I will be writing about fishing for Summer Chinooks in a creek near PDX.
Being a PDX local myself I don't like to commute a great distance from my home in Northeast Portland. The most I would drive to go fish is an hour.  This creek is within that range and provides me good quality fish almost every trip.
Standing at the hatchery bridge, I spotted a few big fish immediately. They were schooled up in the deeper, slow moving parts of the stream. This gave me a sense of what to look for in the water when spotting fish in the future. 

Lots of bright fish around and some medium looking fish too. Everyday we would walk down the stream into pools full of fresh Chinooks that were eager to eat a blue fox spinner or shrimps. 

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