Thursday, August 29, 2013

Herman Creek, Oregon

Herman Creek is a gem of a creek that lies just past Cascade Locks. A popular destination for Summer Steelhead and Coho. Considered a "dip-in" fishery because when the Columbia warms up above 70 degrees, the steelhead travel into cooler streams, such as Herman Creek, to stay cool and wait till the water returns to a lower temp. The run peaks all through out August, But October is a good time to go for Coho. Most guys at Herman fish in the Area shown below in blue, and cast towards the marked reds. As you can see there are plenty of spots for bank fishing but I recommend putting on some breathable waders and wading out. Most choose to fish a bobber and coon shrimp at 8' deep, using a 5 foot 6lb test leader (The water is very clear and the fish are gear weary) You can also fish on the bottom with eggs. Its a popular destination to bring your boat/pontoon and anchor around the holes and fish like that too if you don't like crowds. Overall Herman Creek was one of my favorite places to fish for summer steelhead. Take care

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