Sunday, May 8, 2011

Springers Baby!

Skyler Endsley is the salmon master, in my eyes. He always proves my theories wrong when it comes to Salmon fishing, and is sort of a guide for me. He fishes a lot of popular salmon fisheries in WA such as the Washougal and the Lewis. He caught this nice Springer on a chartruse Rooster Tail!
It was released un-harmed.

And the picture you've been waiting for, ;) This is my fancy little Jack I caught on a rooster tail! My very first spring chinook!


  1. congrats george thats a nice little chromer. never underestimate the roostertail. especially the color chartruese thats my go to color for chinook.

  2. Hello Goerge,. Nice fish. I just moved here from Hawaii and must relearn how to fish. Mary and I want to catch pikeminnow. WOuld you teach us how and where for $100?

    James Itamura


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