Sunday, September 29, 2013

River Levels...

In the past 48" hours it has been raining non stop, forcing me to retire my rod and waders for a couple of days. Here is a graph of the water levels at Dodge Park
As you can see its almost at 11ft, which is higher than I'm comfortable with. Hopefully in the next few days the water drops to 9ft, maybe lower? or clears up atleast. I went to dodge yesterday with Jake and the water looked like chocolate milk.... Until then I shall be behind my monitor dreaming of the pursuit of chrome, and watching lots of fishing videos on youtube.. Check this one out! Filmed by Matthew Clark

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dodge Park, Oregon

Hey guys Ive been on the water at Dodge park a lot lately... Been hiking down to the pipeline and catching these fish with Spinners. I've caught 2 jacks, a hatchery Coho and a Wild Chinook..  photo 560556_719755768041160_94531558_n_zps65b69d1c.jpg  photo 62461_720295261320544_1007747494_n_zps0deb77ac.jpg Hopefully I'm getting a new custom rod sent to me fairly soon. Coho season is starting and I'm going to be on the river as much as possible the next few months