Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things just haven't been going my way lately. Both of my Lamiglas rods are broken, and I don't have the money to fix them. The water is low and cold on the Columbia. The weather has been ideal for a washington winter steelhead angler, and my friends car broke down. Despite these things I frequently day dream in class about the river. Mt Hood pond and Blue Lake are being stocked the week of March 11th! I plan on making a video tutorial on the best methods to catch these stockers. Here is one of my favorite fly fishing quotes from an Fly Fisherman named Brad "Riverkeeper" "Yeah, I guess Im a fly fisherman. but not becouse I've caught a fish. I would say Im a fly fisherman becouse I am obsessed with the gear, I truely believe I did not feel as affectionate for my first girlfriend as I did for my first flyrod, or the one after that... or after that... when I see a bird.. I picture flies... Ive quite two jobs when I was younger becouse they interfered with my fishing, at one time I drove a $1200 set-up to the river for two years... in a $400 scout.. Ive been dumped by a girl over fishing... Ive put live bugs into cigarette boxes to take home to study.... trim the hair off my stepmoms dog becouse I ran out of calfs tail, Ive driven 300 miles with 200 lbs of fishing gear... and realized I overlooked tents and sleeping bags, Ive stood in the rain on hopeless days by myself, knowing the odds were against me when I left home... and felt fine about it.. fly fishing is the only thing I do in this world that is elegant and beautiful.. its the only art that is in me.. and I will never be satisfied with my cast or my mends... I will never stop growing in this pursuit.... I am haunted by it-" Check out his blog too! They are out there... I've heard plenty of reports from people on the Sandy and coastal rivers.