Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly report.

Elliot with a nice wild steelhead! Hey everyone! I haven't been able to get out much lately. My main fishing buddy, Skyler Endlsy, had surgery on Wednesday cause he had his tonsils taken out. Now his mother said he can't go fishing for a little while. I hope he heals up nicely. BIG CREEK David Sanders and a buddy of his went to big creek for the illusive spring chinook. They started lower and worked there way up the crick. His friend, Elliot, caught 2 wild winter steelhead. But no keepers for either of them. I did call the Big Creek Hatchery a few days ago and asked them if they got a spring chinook run, here is what the guy said: "We do not have an official run of spring chinook, though we do get a couple hundred strays from Blind Slough....". He also said how the springers are raised at Gnat Creek hatchery then let go into blind slough. So in my opinion it is worth a shot at fishing for them. If Skyler makes a speedy recovery, I'll be out there slaying them next weekend! CARP FISHING I'm VERY glad to say that the 2011 carp season has been started! Yesterday I went out with my dad and his friend to our favorite carp spot on Sauvie Island. We caught 9 altogether, 3 resulted by me. I'll be back next weekend probably. Sorry but no pics. :( I took them on my dads cell and I can't send them anywhere or get them on here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


THIS, is what the water looked like at Blue Lake yesterday, and there was no fish to be caught for anyone! Only 1 guy caught a little trout who was fishing spinners. The other 6 people who were there didn't get any. But they kept telling me how great it was the day before. "I caught and released around 20 trout" said an angler.

Looks like I missed the bite again. My dad always tells me, The fish bite best Yesterday, and tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Check out the new contest on Blazer Shane's blog! You can possibly win 3 bags of Pop-a-top yarn!! Just submit a photo of your most beautiful fish!

Weekly report.

Hey everyone,
On Saturday I went to sauvie island and fished the Gilbert river boat ramp. I caught 4 whitefish on Worms off the bottom, It was raining super hard though so I left. Did catch a few catfish too though! Then I went to the secret spot and caught a few perch and another bullhead.
On sunday I went to Gilbert River, fished off the platform and caught around 6 or 7 catfish which I gave to a nearby family that needed them more then I did. Not much action, I was only there for about 2 or 3 hours then left home.
That wraps up my weekend. Yesterday I didn't fish but today I went to Wholesale sports and got size 6 nymph hooks, olive chenille, and light green marabou and 1/8 bead eyes, BUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE HACKLE. >:( good thing I had some left over from previous flies. :) I tied 4 buggers before I got bored. I also tied a few globugs using those dumbell eyes.

Until next time,
George Permiakov

Friday, March 18, 2011

Haven't been out yet. Probably gonna go to Newport though on monday. If not, I'll find a place to go.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting behind the computer screen daydreaming...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New fly box!

Took the once in a lifetime trip to Walmart to change the oil in the car and get some Subway. As we were waiting up on the car to finish, I made a quick dash to the fishing section to check things out. I spotted a Plano fly box that I thought was really neat and would come in handy.
I put in some Glo-bugs I tied and some Jigs, I have yet to add the rest of my flies in there. Only cost about $7

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fishing this weekend

Well I went out this weekend and had a pretty miserable day, but I did get some fish.
I fished the Gilbert river boat launch on Saturday, Got there around 8am and it was pouring down rain! Luckily I bought my sweater and coat to keep me warm, but it was still uncomfortable. We caught 5 nice sized whitefish on worms. We took Skylers to little sisters, Sydney and Shelbi, also as it was their first trip. There were 4 people fishing for sturgeon of the dock also but they didn't get anything, not even a shaker. We left around 11 after being soaked to the bone.
And thats the end to the trip...

IN OTHER WORDS, I'm most likely going fishing on the Newport Jetty on sunday!! :) And I'm SUPER excited, as the Newport is one of my favorite places to go. There is tons of Greenlings and a few Cabezon awaiting me there. :)
I'll be sure to take lots of photos, but until then.


Monday, March 7, 2011


A little bit about the Author.

As you all might now, I'm George. I live in Troutdale, Oregon and I fish around 180 days a year. I fish primarily Salmon and Steelhead when they're in season. But other then that I fish for Bass, Walleye, Sturgeon, and other warm water species.


Fly fishing is how I roll, making sexy loops on the river is how god intended I should fish. I have a 8wt Lamiglas G200 fly with a Amundson TXS 8wt reel. Casting nymphs at trout is the best experience one can have. A true example of relaxation.

I also do a lot of Photography. Some days I'll post just the photos I took throughout the day.

Sea Lions that everyon hates..

Multnomah Falls.

Chinook Landing.

Again, thank you for visiting the site and I hope you enjoyed.


Hello everyone,

My name is George and this is my blog about fishing in Oregon. I promise to post something every weekend since thats when I get out.

I have various accounts on different forums, but you can mostly find me at: My display name is Troutier Bassier.

Thank you for visting, and I hope to see you again! Meanwhile, I'll be posting some photos from the past.