Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Coho

Steelhead fishing is slow this early in the year... I did manage to catch this Coho at Eagle Creek in the Gorge

Sunday, September 29, 2013

River Levels...

In the past 48" hours it has been raining non stop, forcing me to retire my rod and waders for a couple of days. Here is a graph of the water levels at Dodge Park
As you can see its almost at 11ft, which is higher than I'm comfortable with. Hopefully in the next few days the water drops to 9ft, maybe lower? or clears up atleast. I went to dodge yesterday with Jake and the water looked like chocolate milk.... Until then I shall be behind my monitor dreaming of the pursuit of chrome, and watching lots of fishing videos on youtube.. Check this one out! Filmed by Matthew Clark

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dodge Park, Oregon

Hey guys Ive been on the water at Dodge park a lot lately... Been hiking down to the pipeline and catching these fish with Spinners. I've caught 2 jacks, a hatchery Coho and a Wild Chinook..  photo 560556_719755768041160_94531558_n_zps65b69d1c.jpg  photo 62461_720295261320544_1007747494_n_zps0deb77ac.jpg Hopefully I'm getting a new custom rod sent to me fairly soon. Coho season is starting and I'm going to be on the river as much as possible the next few months

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maryhill Sturgeon Fishing

Jakes been spending the week at Maryhill
Heres a 37" he caught on a shrimp/worm combo

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Herman Creek, Oregon

Herman Creek is a gem of a creek that lies just past Cascade Locks. A popular destination for Summer Steelhead and Coho. Considered a "dip-in" fishery because when the Columbia warms up above 70 degrees, the steelhead travel into cooler streams, such as Herman Creek, to stay cool and wait till the water returns to a lower temp. The run peaks all through out August, But October is a good time to go for Coho. Most guys at Herman fish in the Area shown below in blue, and cast towards the marked reds. As you can see there are plenty of spots for bank fishing but I recommend putting on some breathable waders and wading out. Most choose to fish a bobber and coon shrimp at 8' deep, using a 5 foot 6lb test leader (The water is very clear and the fish are gear weary) You can also fish on the bottom with eggs. Its a popular destination to bring your boat/pontoon and anchor around the holes and fish like that too if you don't like crowds. Overall Herman Creek was one of my favorite places to fish for summer steelhead. Take care

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Things just haven't been going my way lately. Both of my Lamiglas rods are broken, and I don't have the money to fix them. The water is low and cold on the Columbia. The weather has been ideal for a washington winter steelhead angler, and my friends car broke down. Despite these things I frequently day dream in class about the river. Mt Hood pond and Blue Lake are being stocked the week of March 11th! I plan on making a video tutorial on the best methods to catch these stockers. Here is one of my favorite fly fishing quotes from an Fly Fisherman named Brad "Riverkeeper" "Yeah, I guess Im a fly fisherman. but not becouse I've caught a fish. I would say Im a fly fisherman becouse I am obsessed with the gear, I truely believe I did not feel as affectionate for my first girlfriend as I did for my first flyrod, or the one after that... or after that... when I see a bird.. I picture flies... Ive quite two jobs when I was younger becouse they interfered with my fishing, at one time I drove a $1200 set-up to the river for two years... in a $400 scout.. Ive been dumped by a girl over fishing... Ive put live bugs into cigarette boxes to take home to study.... trim the hair off my stepmoms dog becouse I ran out of calfs tail, Ive driven 300 miles with 200 lbs of fishing gear... and realized I overlooked tents and sleeping bags, Ive stood in the rain on hopeless days by myself, knowing the odds were against me when I left home... and felt fine about it.. fly fishing is the only thing I do in this world that is elegant and beautiful.. its the only art that is in me.. and I will never be satisfied with my cast or my mends... I will never stop growing in this pursuit.... I am haunted by it-" Check out his blog too! They are out there... I've heard plenty of reports from people on the Sandy and coastal rivers.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

First official carp of 2013!

So yesterday morning I went out with my crew to the slough to try and catch some carp! Using cornmeal, we managed to catch 8 throughout the day! I'll have pictures up tomorrow.
But please be aware


Hope everyone has been having good trips on the water!

Take care alert("hey whats up?")

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Old Pictures....

Looking through my hard drive at old pictures I have, here are some interesting ones I'd like to share with my followers.

One of my many carps from the Columbia.

A brook Trout I wrangled out of Salish Ponds after a stocking.

My first keeper Sturgeon, not sure as to what year.

Very young George with a carp.

2011 fishing for Smallmouth.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

  A little carp fishing adventure occured recently at Kelly Point park. 8 hours of freezing, socializing, and relaxing rewarded us in one sucker fish.

  I'm hoping to get out again this weekend. Perhaps flick some flys at Steelhead on the coast. The only thing thats harder then catching fish is getting the opportunity to do so.