Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Oregon and Washington have been authorized to resume "removing" California sea lions that gather just below the Columbia River's Bonneville Dam.


Here is my buddy Will Allen with a nice Summer caught in Eastern Oregon!

All around a great day at Blue Lake!

I arrived to Blue lake at 9 this morning too sunny weather and had high hopes of catching my limit of trout. Too my delight the trout were quite active so Skyler and I caught our limit within an hour! So we decide to set out a carp rod. Skylers Lamiglas Indian River proved itself to us that day. We were distracted by these MONSTER bluegills that we were catching on small plastic Berkley power grubs, I hear the drag of my Shimano Sahara SCREAMING like a cat, I drop my rod and sprint over there and set the hook! Good thing I had #30 High-Vis braid on otherwise I would have lost the fish when it dug itself into the weeds. After a short battle Skyler netted it and we got it in! 8lbs not bad for the first one of the year!
Man vs Fish.
Man won.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Springers Baby!

Skyler Endsley is the salmon master, in my eyes. He always proves my theories wrong when it comes to Salmon fishing, and is sort of a guide for me. He fishes a lot of popular salmon fisheries in WA such as the Washougal and the Lewis. He caught this nice Springer on a chartruse Rooster Tail!
It was released un-harmed.

And the picture you've been waiting for, ;) This is my fancy little Jack I caught on a rooster tail! My very first spring chinook!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Crappie in Oregon

Hey everyone! I haven't posted so heres a nice 9" crappie I caught at salish ponds! Used a size 16 treble hook. I caught about 3 more and a few more bluegills that were insignificant to this one. I'm guessing that in two or three weeks of nice weather you will be able to take your kids out to your local lake and catch bucket fulls of them! Sooner or later I will post a video of how to catch them!