Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oregon Fishing Trips

Well I haven't been able to get out much due to weather and social life. But last weekend the weather was amazing! So I decided to trek to Blue Lake. Fishing has been off the hook there! I caught 3 rainbows and lost a few more. All on white power eggs 2 feet off the bottom. My friend Skyler is the trout MASTER, no joke, and he caught around 12 that weekend.

The next day I went to salish ponds with Jake Erdmann for carp and stuff. Fished with bread on a hair rig. Got a few line bites but no hook ups. :( Might I say that Bluegill have started appearing along with the warmer weather. I saw a nice looking Largemouth while I was walking along the banks. Big sheila she was, scowering the weedbeds probably looking for food. I have yet to catch her.

This weekend should be great! Saturday I dont' know what I have planned but I will probably be taking out the Athena to blue lake in pursuit of Trout and Bass. Sunday is May 1st the first day of the official 2011 Sport reward fishery for Pikeminnow! Chances are I'll be heading to search around Bonnieville and such.

Until then, tight lines.

George Permiakov

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  1. Good luck fishing for those pesky pikeminnows George!