Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mirror carp!

Well finally I am able to upload pictures of a mirror carp I caught yesterday! I wish fishing with my 4 buddies, Jake, Skyler, Pavel and Ivan. I won't say exactly how many carp we caught, but it was more then 5, believe me. I've never seen anything like it! Nice sunny day and warm weather. Right around 70 degrees.
When we landed this first fish, we were yelling and jumping all around! I don't think I have yelled so much since the last football game in october.
I'm going trout fishing tomorrow at Canby Pond. :) I'll have pictures hopefully!


  1. Great fish man...congrats. I think I know that area.

  2. Yeah, its at Chinook Landing. Gonna try and get them on the fly next sunday.

  3. Good luck man. They haven't shown up in the areas I like to fish yet. We need more sun!