Tuesday, April 5, 2011

John day river

Hey guys,
On Friday I went to the John day river for catfish. I fished the lower river about 3 miles from the mouth. Water was really high and muddy! I arrived at like 6pm and started fishing. I was using shrimp from safeway cut in half. For the first day I fished till 11pm, and I caught 1 channel catfish, and about 20 bullheads. The next morning started fishing at 5am, only a few bullheads. The wind was howling at 27 mph both days and there was some wind during the night. The water was brown and cold.

I'll give it a try in 3 or 4 weeks...

1 comment:

  1. man, that wind is always goin by the columbia :/ atleast you got out bro. better then nothing. i'm goin out for steelies this weekend.