Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly report.

Elliot with a nice wild steelhead! Hey everyone! I haven't been able to get out much lately. My main fishing buddy, Skyler Endlsy, had surgery on Wednesday cause he had his tonsils taken out. Now his mother said he can't go fishing for a little while. I hope he heals up nicely. BIG CREEK David Sanders and a buddy of his went to big creek for the illusive spring chinook. They started lower and worked there way up the crick. His friend, Elliot, caught 2 wild winter steelhead. But no keepers for either of them. I did call the Big Creek Hatchery a few days ago and asked them if they got a spring chinook run, here is what the guy said: "We do not have an official run of spring chinook, though we do get a couple hundred strays from Blind Slough....". He also said how the springers are raised at Gnat Creek hatchery then let go into blind slough. So in my opinion it is worth a shot at fishing for them. If Skyler makes a speedy recovery, I'll be out there slaying them next weekend! CARP FISHING I'm VERY glad to say that the 2011 carp season has been started! Yesterday I went out with my dad and his friend to our favorite carp spot on Sauvie Island. We caught 9 altogether, 3 resulted by me. I'll be back next weekend probably. Sorry but no pics. :( I took them on my dads cell and I can't send them anywhere or get them on here.

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